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DSC_1563Do you have a book in your future? Let me help you find your genius. If that book keeps pulling on your writing strings, take the next step and together we can build your dream. Working with a first draft? Even better, as I can guide you toward the path of publication. Does a proposal sound daunting? Don’t let it overshadow your creativity.
IMG_0010_2Looking for a place to share your writing? I have this big old house just perfect for writing salon where you can enjoy chocolate covered strawberries and the encouragement of genius writers. 
Send me an email and we can form an alliance that just might launch you as a writer.  murraymoran7@gmail.com 
During my years of teaching college writing I discovered my ability to edit, a skill that seemed to come naturally. I could glean the best bits of a piece, suss out what the writer wanted to say amid a flurry of words, and encourage the author to go further, dig deeper, envision what the piece should look like. I looked for the positive, having long ago thrown out the red pen, and found no greater satisfaction than to encourage the creative process, content to be the person behind-the-scenes who encourages and gently pushes writers to strut right to their true genius.
In addition to my advanced degrees at university level, I am certified in the Gateless Writing process, which is based on a model of neuro-theology discovered at Penn and Harvard which teaches writers to cease negative activity in the brain, so the intuit and imaginative thought can take over.  It is powerful work and creates an almost alchemical reaction in both the writer and the teacher.
 Gateless Teacher Training
with Suzanne Kingsbury
July 2014


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