How to Sell a Book

I wrote a book. I have an agent. Now, I realize, I must market myself so that when the book comes out people will want to read it. I’m on Facebook and Twitter, sometimes, but don’t really know how to draw an audience. Then I talked with Sandy Smith of Smith Publicity, and within an hour I had new insight about myself, my book, and what I can offer in terms of relevant and interesting conversation that will draw readers to my site.

How did you honor your lost spouse while forging a relationship with your new husband? How did your children celebrate Father’s day? How does one approach a grieving person without intruding? Sandy fired one question after another. This was my life she asked about. How did I manage these things?

I never thought about it, but I did manage these and many other things that had to do with life after losing a spouse, and I wish I had a place to turn then. But there was no internet and no community, so I forged ahead as best as I knew how, and learned much in the process. Now I know I can share with a larger community of readers who may also be wondering how to navigate life after the death of a loved one.

Thank you to Sandy Smith, who has the amazing capacity to see how a book fits into the world of readers. I hope to make her proud.

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