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The Atlantic named my NPR podcast top 50 of 2015

In 2014 an excerpt of my memoir, The Widow and the Hijacker, went viral on, coming in as the #3 story of the year. 2015 brings another top rating, this time for the NPR Snap Judgement Podcast, which The Atlantic rated one of the top 50 podcasts.

Here’s what they said:
“Unforgiven” by Snap Judgment
There’s a moment in the first 20 minutes of “Unforgiven” that will make your blood run cold. The theme of the episode is forgiveness, and the first act chronicles the correspondence between two women, a widow and the wife of her husband’s killer. Great documentary storytelling has long had a home in the world of podcasting, and Snap Judgment regularly surpasses typical cocktail-party anecdotes with its sweeping narratives. But “Unforgiven” pushes the show to new heights, layering in surprises and drilling down to the hard questions about how far the reaches of grace should extend.

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