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I’m pleased to unveil my new Author page on Facebook. I’d love it if you’d like it for me. Check the page for more updates on my status in the Huffington Post AARP contest and more excerpts from The Widow and the Hijacker.

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HuffPost Finalist

We crawled toward Yankee Stadium, traffic a nightmare, my kids in the car, everyone hungry and restless. I was sitting in the back where I didn’t have to watch my husband drive, when I felt my pocket vibrate. Huffington Post AARP Contest, the heading said. I had entered almost a year ago, then dismissed it as a lost cause, until I read their words: “I’m pleased to let you know that our judges have chosen your submission as one of the finalists for the HuffPost 50/AARP memoir contest. Ten finalists were chosen from a pool of more than 2,400 contestants. Congratulations on sending one of the very best pieces our judges encountered.” Holy Shit! I screamed out as I clicked on the HuffPost page, and there was Rita Wilson, one of the judges, smiling her beautiful smile, with my name, Kathleen Murray, underneath her photo. A truly beautiful moment.

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