Monthly Archives: February 2014

Best rejection

Dear Dede,
 Thanks so much for giving me the chance to read Kathleen Murray’s proposal, THE WIDOW AND THE HIJACKER. Her story is obviously gripping—and her ability to triumph over adverse circumstances (not only Brian’s tragic death, but her own challenging childhood) was beyond impressive; it was inspiring. What’s more, Ms. Murray recounts her story smoothly and naturally; her prose is elegant (this precise and affecting description of her mother caught me off guard: “A run in her nylons exposed varicose veins that mapped her once beautiful legs. I watched her cross the room and thought of her walking home from Cardinal Spellmen, boys stealing looks.”); she seems to have an innate sense of how to structure a narrative—when to tell the tale chronologically; when to flash back or forward; which details to highlight.

Ultimately, she passed. Miranda Popekey with Farrar Straus & Giroux

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