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My Story

On September 11, 1976, I was the twenty-eight year old mother of two young boys waiting for my husband to arrive home from his shift with the NYPD bomb squad when I heard the news. TWA flight 355 had been hijacked by five Croatian terrorists. That night the bomb those terrorists left in Grand Central Station to threaten the world exploded, killing my husband and setting the nation on fire with the news.
The Widow and the Hijacker is the true story of how I became seduced by Julie Busic, the American female terrorist, the wife of anti-hero Zvonko Busic, a beautiful blonde woman from a privileged background by whom I became both repelled and fascinated.
The book includes the letters we wrote to each other while she was in prison, her eventual release, and the final face-to-face meeting where iniquity and sedition climaxed in the truth of who she really was.

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